Tab GPT: An AI-Powered Chrome Extension
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Tab GPT: An Innovative AI-Enhanced Chrome Extension

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Discover a groundbreaking approach to web browsing with Tab GPT, an AI-enhanced Chrome extension. This ingenious application takes your online interactions to a whole new level. Offering personalized prompts, rapid actions, and the robust AI capabilities of GPT, Tab GPT simplifies content summary, question formulation, and vital information extraction from any webpage you're on. It's your ultimate solution to supercharge online productivity.

Why Did I Build This?

Driven by my curiosity about building Chrome extensions using my preferred tools (Vue 3, Tailwind, and others), I embarked on creating Tab GPT. Embracing the GPT hype, I harnessed the power of OpenAI's API to develop a tool that not only assists with my everyday tasks but also offers immense utility to other users.

Main features

  • GPT-powered AI for advanced content analysis and action execution.
  • Custom prompts for versatile interactions with the content on your active tab.
  • Quick prompts for easy access to your most-used commands.
  • Seamless Chrome extension integration to enhance your browsing experience.
  • Free usage, with users only paying for the OpenAI API Key usage to ensure cost-effectiveness.